Tips For Selecting A Real Estate Agent in San Diego


Here are our top tips for selecting a great real estate agent in San Diego.

Ask for personal recommendations

The very first thing on your list of things to do should be to ask around for personal recommendations. If you have friends, family or colleagues that have recently bought or sold in the area, they may be able to refer you to a real estate agent immediately. Equally important, if they have had a bad experience with an agent locally, they may also be able to tell you who you should avoid!

A personal recommendation always beats the hours you will otherwise have to spend researching and interviewing a long list of prospective agents.

Find out about their experience

The real estate industry has a very high turnover of agents, and if you don’t ask specifically about their experience, you may find yourself stuck with a newbie. When you are investing such a large amount of money, finding a real estate agent with experience in San Diego is crucial to getting the best deal possible.

Ideally you should choose an agent with at least two years of experience and a proven track record in buying and selling properties in the San Diego area. This will enable them to find a home that meets your requirements, or if you are selling your property, market it correctly. They will also have in-depth knowledge about local taxes and amenities, and general neighborhood information.

Wherever possible, try and ensure your agent has experience that is relative to the type of property you wish to buy. For example, an agent who has a great deal of experience in selling condos may not be the best person to support a purchase of a large family home.

Ensure they are licensed

All real estate agents should be licensed with the state they are working in. However, that doesn’t mean that you don’t get agents who try and slip through the net. Check out any prospective agent’s licensing, which will also enable you to see if they have any professional complaints against them.

Ask about their marketing strategies

If you are selling your home, then you will want to know what marketing plan your San Diego real estate agent is using to ensure you will get maximum exposure for your home. Modern technology, including social media, can be crucial in generating interest in your property, so look for an agent who is tech-savvy and has innovative ideas for reaching potential buyers.

Ask about their availability

While many people work more than one job successfully, a lot of real estate agents fit their realtor work in around other jobs and commitments. When you are investing a considerable amount of money in a service, you want and need your agent to be available to you when you need them, and not to feel second-fiddle to another job. Don’t risk losing a sale or missing out on your dream home because your realtor isn’t quick enough to secure your deal.

Find an agent you like

When you are looking to buy or sell a home, you will be spending a lot of time with your real estate agent. You also need to be able to trust them to be working in your best interests. You may have found a San Diego real estate agent who is perfect on paper, but when you meet you just don’t click.

A compatible personality is essential for any buyer/seller – realtor relationship. The best San Diego real estate agents are good at maintaining communication, patient and will prioritize your needs to help you find the right property at the right price.